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Register Partnership for SIDS 2014

The SIDS 2014 Conference will serve as a forum to build on existing successful partnerships as well as to launch innovative and concrete new ones, to advance the sustainable development of small island developing States.

The Conference will include six multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues, held in parallel with the plenary meetings.

This form is meant to capture relevant existing successful partnerships, as well as to register innovative and concrete new ones, to be launched in Samoa.

Please fill out the form below with as detailed information as possible. Keep in line with the SMART criteria - SIDS-Specific, Measurable & Monitorable, Achievable & Accountable, Resource-based & Results Focused, and Timelines for implementation & TRANSPARENCY by ALL PARTIES.

Once completed, click "Register Partnership" at the bottom of the page.

Be SMART - SIDS-Specific, Measurable & Monitorable, Achievable & Accountable, Resource-based & Results Focused, and Timelines for implementation & TRANSPARENCY by ALL PARTIES
Title/Name of Partnership
Submitting Organization
Organizations, entities, partners, or stakeholder networks involved
Please list all partners (if applicable)
Priority area(s)
Climate change & Disaster Risk management
Oceans, Seas and Biodiversity
Water and Sanitation, Food Security and Waste Management
Sustainable Economic Development
Sustainable energy
Social development in SIDS, Health and NCDs, youth and women
Other area (please specify in keywords, and descriptions)
Reference(s) to headings in the SAMOA Pathway
Sustained and Sustainable, Inclusive and Equitable Economic Growth with Decent Work for All
Climate Change
Sustainable Energy
Disaster Risk Reduction
Oceans and Seas
Food Security and Nutrition
Water and Sanitation
Sustainable Transport
Sustainable Consumption and Production
Management of Chemicals and Waste, including Hazardous Waste
Health and NCDs
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Social Development
Invasive Alien Species
Means of Implementation, including Partnerships
SIDS Priorities for the post-2015 Development Agenda
Monitoring and Accountability
Geographic scope(s)
AIMS (Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, and South China Sea)
Other (including Global)
Please enter a range of keywords that identifies your partnership. Kindly separate each keyword with a comma ","
Objective (What will this partnership achieve? How will this Partnership contribute for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States?) (max 500 words):
Coordination Mechanisms - how will this commitment/partnership be governed?
Implementation methodologies - how will this commitment/partnership be achieved
Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer
Start date (i.e. January 1, 2014)
Date of completion (i.e. January 1, 2014)
Website/More information
Deliverables (Please add at least one, and up to four, tangible deliverable(s), including the final deliverable, preferably with measurable indicators.)
Deliverable Year
Resources devoted to delivery
Type Details
Contact person
Multi-stakeholder Partnership Dialogues
The six high-level multi-stakeholder partnership dialogues at the SIDS Conference are expected to provide, inter alia, an opportunity for (A/C.2/68/L.67):
  1. Recognizing successful partnerships and initiatives in support of the implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Development States, the Mauritius Strategy for the Further Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States and the outcomes of the Conference;
  2. Launching innovative and concrete partnerships and initiatives between Governments, international and regional organizations, multilateral institutions, major groups, the organizations of the United Nations system, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society to support the advancement of the sustainable development of small island developing States;
Status of Partnership Please select the option that best fits your Partnership:

New Partnership to be Launched in Samoa

Existing Partnership to be Recognized and showcased in Samoa


Are you planning to attend the SIDS Conference in Apia, Samoa (1-4 September 2014)? If so, there might be an opportunity to present the registered SIDS related Partnership in one of the Multi-stakeholder Partnership Dialogues

Please note that you would need to be accredited to the Conference in order to attend the Dialogue Days. Read more here

Yes, I confirm the intention to attend the SIDS Conference in Apia , Samoa and wish to be considered for giving a short presentation on the registered Parnerships during one of the Multi-stakeholder Partnership Dialogues. (Please select which Partnerships Dialogue you are interested in presenting at, below)

No, I am not planning to attend the SIDS Conference in Apia, Samoa, but still want the Partnership to be registered in the Partnerships Platform for inclusion.

Partnerships Dialogues
(If interested in making brief presentation at the multi-stakeholder Partnerships Dialogues, please select session)

Important: please select which Partnership Dialogue session you wish this partnership to be considered for.

Presenter in Samoa during Partnership Dialogues
If the intention is to present this Partnership during one of the Partnership Dialogues, please indicate who will be making the presentation.
Name and Title of presenter
Organization/entity of presenter
Publish Partnership now?

Do you wish to publish the Partnership on our website as soon as possible, or hold off on publishing it (in case of announcing new partnership)?

Yes, please publish the Partnership on the website as soon as possible

No, please hold off on publishing the Partnership for now (we will contact you to seek your guidance on appropriate timing)

The United Nations reserves the right to remove, for any reason and without notice, any content of the on the SIDS 2014 Conference website, including, without limitation, form postings.

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