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Samoa Pathway - outcome document
[Samoa Pathway]
SIDS Action Platform
The SIDS Action Platform has been developed to support the follow up to the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS Conference), including through a partnerships platform, a partnerships framework, and a UN Implementation Matrix. [Click to view]
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Climate change & Disaster Risk management Oceans, seas and biodiversity Water and sanitation, food security and waste management
Sustainable Economic Development Sustainable energy Social development in SIDS, Health and NCDs, youth and women
Member States/Countries UN entities/IGOst Major Groups
AIMS Caribbean Pacific
Partnership UN entity/IGOs Major Group SIDS Region
Partnerships Graph
The Partnerships Graph shows how Partnerships are connected to each other through implementing partners, based on information available in the Parnerships Platform.
  • You can narrow the search by selecting appropriate filters. Once you have made a selection of filters, click Draw Graph.
  • Use Link length/Gravity/Spread sliders to adjust distance between links and nodes.
  • Drag around nodes and place them on different parts of the Graph to get better view.
  • To see a full listing of the search results graph, click on the linked titled Show result list in the top left corner.
  • Click on each node for more information.
  • Un-check Show info on click if you dont want window to pop up when clicking on the nodes.
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SIDS Region
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