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Samoa Pathway - outcome document
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SIDS Action Platform
The SIDS Action Platform has been developed to support the follow up to the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS Conference), including through a partnerships platform, a partnerships framework, and a UN Implementation Matrix. [Click to view]
SIDS T.A.L.A.V.O.U. Pre-Conference Forum - Youth Forum
Theme: SIDS T.A.L.A.V.O.U. for Sustainable Development

(Towards A Legacy of Achievement, Versatility, Opportunity through partnership and Unity)

The Pre-Conference Forum on youth will focus on identifying opportunities for young people from Small Island Developing States. The outcome of this forum will help inform the dialogue process and plenary discussions. As the host of the 3rd SIDS Conference, Samoa attaches considerable importance to the programme of the pre-conference events so as they complement and reinforce the purpose and outcomes of the conference and the six partnership dialogues.

The Youth Forum is expected to provide an opportunity to:
  • Recognise successful innovative partnerships and initiatives and assess how they could be built upon and replicated in all SIDS to address development challenges including enhancing resilience.
  • Provide interactive and focused discussions on potential partnerships to address the needs of SIDS and challenges that they face in particular the engagement of all stakeholders in inclusive sustainable development.
  • Launch and / or demonstrate partnerships that would specifically address the generation of decent work opportunities for youth, meaningful engagement of civil society and the private sector in the development process at national, regional and global levels n sustainable energy needs for SIDS

In the lead up to the Forum there have been a number of key events and activities that have been provided young people from the SIDS with the opportunity to identify what they see as important for them. As SIDS is about sustainable development it is more than just a chance for young people to participate at an international conference as such but more significantly it is about action to make sustainable development a reality. Youth want to be part of this through the Forum and in doing so contribute their ideas at the highest policy level and by taking action themselves to implement initiatives that promote sustainable development.

Given the limited scope for many young people to find formal employment in many of the SIDS, the pre-conference Forum will emphasize the role of the formal and informal sector and the importance of encouraging creativity and participation as SIDS confront issues of climate change and other environmental challenges; health concerns and NCDs; social issues; food security; disaster risk reduction and sustainable energy.

As a result, the pre-conference Forum will be the space and opportunity for young people from the SIDS to:

  1. Consider the likely key thematic outcomes from the Conference and identify practical, realistic and effective ways to engage with these outcomes.
  2. Define pathways through formal and informal education, training and learning that help build opportunities for young people through employment and the creation of entrepreneurship opportunities.
  3. Reflect on what has worked well for young people in the past and how partnerships between young people and governments, the private sector, civil society and volunteer groups etc. has or might work better, and what support and guidance might be needed in the future for existing and new partnerships.

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