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South-South Cooperation between Pacific and Caribbean SIDS on Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
PICs, Caribbean countries, UNDP, CROP
Progress reports/updates
Objective & Description
The rationale of this initiative is to enable the exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices between SIDS in the Pacific and the Caribbean, in order to find suitable solutions and replicate best practices for addressing the various threats posed by climate change and natural disasters.
The expected outcome is to strengthen safety and resilience of Pacific and Caribbean SIDS’ communities to a range of natural hazards by facilitating and supporting a South-South cooperation programme targeted at strengthening climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction capacity in SIDS, based on the transfer of appropriate ‘southern’ expertise and technologies.

Thematic areas/issues addressed:
■ Climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction capacity in SIDS
■ Expertise and technology transfer amongst SIDS
Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
Implementation Methodologies
Results to be Achieved:

1. Identification, documentation and dissemination of best practices on integrated climate change adaptation and disaster management specific to the SIDS context. Sample activities: case studies, presentations at conferences, contributions to on-line networks.
2. Transfer and exchange of technologies currently being used by SIDS for effective, equitable and appropriate disaster risk management and climate change adaptation, between the Pacific and the Caribbean regions. Sample activities: training in storm surge modeling, assessment of climate change impacts in the agricultural sector, manual for
climate observers.
3. Disaster risk management and climate change adaptation included in the broader development agenda through support for national action planning, mainstreaming and advocacy work in the Pacific and Caribbean regions and countries. Sample activities: guidelines, checklists, position papers

Main Activities:
• Awareness raising, relationship development and peer learning between the Pacific and the Caribbean.
• Documentation and dissemination of lessons learnt via publications and multimedia.
Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
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