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Digicel Pacific and UNISDR Pacific Partnership: Strengthening Businesses Resiliency & Disaster Preparedness
Digicel Pacific, UNISDR Pacific
Progress reports/updates
Deliverable Date
Increased availability to access business continuity planning services. 2014
Increased business investment in disaster risk reduction measures. 2014
Strengthened private sector awareness of the value of disaster risk reduction in Fiji and the Pacific. 2014
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Provision of technical services from Digicel
Staff / Technical expertise Provision of technical advise from UNISDR
Objective & Description
Digicel Pacific and UNISDR will promote the need and value of business resiliency in the Pacific by jointly engaging the private sector through advocating and showcasing disaster preparedness measures.

Our aim is to provide opportunity for businesses to be empowered with knowledge and understanding of the inherent risks that SIDS face, to enable better decision making to best protect business assets, secure economic productivity and continue to provide livelihoods for workers.

Digicel Pacific and UNISDR will collaborate together to raise awareness of the value of Disaster Risk Reduction measures and provide technological solutions to common disruptions to businesses caused by adverse events.
Governance & Coordination Mechanisms
UNISDR encourages businesses of all sizes to adopt and promote preventive measures against all hazards to contribute to business, community and national resiliency. When businesses understand the value of sound risk management and plan for hazards ahead of time, the ability to resume productivity quickly after hazardous events is apparent.

Digicel Pacific is a best practice example for disaster preparedness and business resilience, not only for ensuring comprehensive disaster planning and preparation in their own operations, but for providing innovative products and services that reduce the impact of hazards. Digicel Pacific has proven a thorough understanding of preparedness measures and seeks to ensure that other businesses can benefit from their experience and services also.

UNISDR has the data, research and technical expertise necessary to convince business owners of the need to invest in preventive measures to ensure businesses are resilient to disasters and natural hazards, which consequently contributes to the overall sustainability of SIDS.

Digicel Pacific, as a model of comprehensive disaster preparedness planning within their own organization also offers a range of products and services to reduce the impact of hazards on other businesses operating in a SIDS. Digicel Pacific can provide a technological solution for businesses of all sizes to data loss during adverse events whether though flood, storm, fire or power outage.
Through this joint collaboration, the Digicel Pacific/UNISDR partnership will continue to broaden the knowledge and awareness amongst businesses owners to understand the value of hazard reduction measures whilst presenting practical technological solutions to boost business resiliency to all hazards.
Implementation Methodologies
Arrangements for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer
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