Celebrating 10 years of Island Leadership at CBD COP13, Cancun, Mexico


4 to 17 December 2016

Credit: GLISPA

With the leadership of the Deputy Premier of the British Virgin Islands, the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA), coordinated a series of events with its members and supporters that implement the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and Sustainable Development Goals through:

  • renewed momentum in launching new island commitments and investments
  • Celebrated progress on those that already exist
  • Expanded GLISPA Membership and engagement

Sustainable island commitments, such as the Micronesia Challenge and Caribbean Challenge Initiative, were celebrated as island-led partnerships that are mainstreaming biodiversity and driving implementation of the programme of work on island biodiversity. CBD COP 13 commemorated three events - the 10 year anniversaries of the Micronesia Challenge, Global Island Partnership (GLISPA) and the programme of work on island biodiversity. For highlight of major outcomes, please see:

In 2017, the Global Island Partnership will continue to implement its 2030 Strategy to build resilient and sustainable island communities. The Partnership will be engaged in supporting island countries and countries with islands and their supporters to examine how global partnerships can contribute to the implementation of SDG14 and highlight examples of this. Learn more about how you can get involved in the Partnership here or contact jessica.robbins@glispa.org.

Credit: GLISPA

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