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Samoa Pathway - outcome document
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SIDS Action Platform
The SIDS Action Platform has been developed to support the follow up to the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States (SIDS Conference), including through a partnerships platform, a partnerships framework, and a UN Implementation Matrix. [Click to view]
Trinidad and Tobago
Input to Preparatory Process

A/C.2/68/L.67 (Para 13) - Invites participants in the meetings of the Preparatory Committee to send written inputs on the objectives and substantive theme of the Conference to the Secretariat in advance of the first meeting of the Committee, and invites the Secretariat to make them available electronically;

Not available.
STATEMENT by H.E. Ambassador Rodney Charles
Permanent Representative of the Republic of
Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations

Mr. Chairman, allow me to congratulate you and the members of your bureau on your election to guide our proceedings during this Preparatory Committee.

Trinidad and Tobago welcomes the launch of the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) which took place yesterday, and we wish to express the hope that, activities held in commemoration of the International Year of SIDS will enhance the profile of SIDS challenges and successes, and catalyse support and solidarity for the success of the Third International Conference on SIDS to take place in Apia, Samoa this September.

Trinidad and Tobago aligns itself with the statements made by Bolivia on behalf of the G77 and China, Nauru on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States and St Vincent and the Grenadines on behalf of the Caribbean Community.

I wish to make a few brief points in my national capacity in addition to those made in the statements mentioned previously.

Mr. Chairman,

The Third International Conference on SIDS is taking place at a pivotal point. The international community will be fully engaged in the task of determining and setting priorities and implementation strategies for the global development agenda for the next fifteen years. In the context of the millennium development process, in the current preparation of our national report, we have begun to assess what was done well and should be built upon, what we need to do better, and how we can include those issues that were left out. Our next national strategic development plan will have as its core principle, the sustainable development agenda, incorporating economic, social and environmental issues as part of overall national development to be consistent with our international obligations in this area. This is therefore a time of great opportunity for SIDS as we have the prospect of fully integrating the SIDS agenda into the global sustainable development agenda and, in so doing, address the key challenge of implementation which has frustrated efforts over the years to realise the potential of the Barbados Programme of Action for the sustainable development of Small Island Developing States ("the BPOA") and the Mauritius Strategy for its Implementation ("the MSI").

For us, the Third International Conference on SIDS is a forum for the articulation of SIDS concerns and priorities for inclusion in an integrated Post-20l5 Development Agenda. It should therefore provide an opportunity for the international community to reflect on further ways to enhance its assistance to SIDS in the implementation of the BPOA and the MSI in areas of traditional cooperation and high priority, such as oceans and seas, climate change adaptation and mitigation, disaster risk reduction, improvements in food and agriculture development, and data and statistical analysis systems.

Trinidad and Tobago is of the view that the conference should also provide a platform for increased support and partnership in non-traditional areas of cooperation, on new and emerging issues, such as reducing the incidence, and improving the treatment of, non ­communicable diseases, expansion in the use and development of sustainable energy and energy efficiency, the design and implementation of strategies to address growing inequalities, debt sustainability, the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship; and culture, all in support of sustainable development.

These new and emerging issues must be supported through the relevant financing, in which Official Development Assistance plays an important role capacity building, technical assistance and technology transfer.

We also see the Conference as an important forum for leveraging the potentially significant contributions of civil society and the private sector in support of sustainable development in SIDS through the growth and scaling up of partnerships in support of defined priorities.

Mr. Chairman,

Trinidad and Tobago will continue to support the work of this Preparatory Committee toward the success of the Third International Conference on SIDS.

I thank you.
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