Reporting year: 2016
Achievement at a glance
In 2016, over 50 institutions are registered and actively use the ASPI program, which offers access to seven commercial patent databases providing more sophisticated search and analysis functionalities for free or at low-cost to developing or least developed countries.
Challenges faced in implementation
Challenges include increasing awareness raising and effective use of the ASPI program. The vast majority of developing countries use free-of-charge patent databases, such as WIPO’s PATENTSCOPE, which offer ever-improving search and analysis services. Once developing countries acquire confidence in using free-of-charge patent databases, they progressively become more interested in the services offered by commercial patent databases, which can be accessed through the ASPI program for free or at low cost.
Next steps
Further awareness raising to increase the visibility of the ASPI program and continued training in the effective use of the advanced services offered by the commercial patent databases found in the program.
Measurable outcomes
Developing country patent offices and academic and research institutions.
Freer and cheaper access to patent information and high-quality analysis.
Status of initiative
On track
Supporting Documents
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